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NOTE: Anyone who wishes to do a name change either through marriage,divorce or deed poll should apply for a new passport.


  1. Two copies of your Birth Certificate.
  2. Name change as a result of marriage – should provide the Original marriage certificate & two copies .
  3. Incase any partner had a previous marriage- proof of dissolution will be required.(
  4. Incase of divorce- forward Original divorce decree & two copies
  5. Other name change-forward deed poll (document prepared and registered at the Registrar of Documents in the Ministry of Lands in Nairobi and a copy of Kenya Gazette effecting name change.(Two copies)
  6. Corrections of Date of birth, place of birth-Forward your Original Birth certificate both sides that was used to acquire the passport (bearing the stamp from Immigration Department) and Original expired passport if any & two copies
  7. NOTE: Additional documents may be requested depending on a particular case.

Proceed to application for a new passport and if there is any other information requested under requirements for a new passport and are not listed on this page please follow.e.g Two passport size pictures.